Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I am...

I am.

I am . . . very happy and content
I think . . . my husband is one of the coolest people I know.
I want . . . our basement projects to be finished!!
I have . . . heartburn.. I hope :S
I miss . . . being able to shower whenever I want - not just when I can squeeze it in
I fear . . . Haylie growing up so fast
I feel . . . slightly hungry
I hear . . . the plumber working in the basement
I smell . . . the soup I'm eating (butternut squash)
I crave . . . not the soup I'm eating :/
I cry. . . during sappy movies. I really do. So embarrassing
I search . . . seemingly constantly these days *sigh
I wonder . . . what Haylie will be like (what she'll be good at etc.)
I regret . . . worrying what other people thought of me so much as a child - who cares?!
I wish . . . there were more hours in a day and that laundry would fold itself
I love . . . Haylie. So true how they say you don't know what love is till you have a child
I care . . . about my soul and about doing the right things
I always . . . keep my house clean.
I worry . . . about things I can't control.
I am not . . . patient. At all. Except with Haylie - for some reason it's easy with her..
I remember . . . How it felt riding our horse missy.
I believe . . . we all control our own happiness.
I know . . . I've got it good
I sing . . . to Haylie all the time - she loves it! :)
I don’t always . . . get the laundry folded - seriously, why doesn't it fold itself?!
I argue . . . but not often and usually with the same people. ugh.
I write . . . really well. I was reading some old poems of mine last week and was actually quite impressed with myself.
I lose . . . and hate it. I'm very competitive and can't stand when someone else is better than me at something I care about. so annoying
I listen . . . to my baby laugh and could just die it's so painfully cute.
I can . . . repair just about any vacuum. I'm actually a lot more handy than the average girl.
I need . . . a haircut. I always manage to get the worst haircuts somehow.
I forget . . . things I don't care about. I don't care about a lot of things :)
I am happy . . . with my life. I'm really lucky :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Yes, This is my baby and yes, I know she's adorable. ;)

Yeah, I don't really know how this happened. One second she was clean and the next I turn around and her face is COVERED in spit-up. Shirt: Clean, Hands: Clean, Face? Well, you know. Ha!
Haylie is turning into a little momma/daddy's girl. She needs attention and needs it right now and it HAS to be HER way or the highway.. doesn't sound like anyone I know.. ;) Haylie ADORES her dad and always saves the cutest little bashful smiles for him. I love it! :)
Haylie is probably one of the most observant children I've ever encountered. You do or say or show her something and she just stares at it/you with furrowed brows and a quizzical expression and then doesn't fully respond with a happy or sad face until you stop doing whatever it was you were doing. Also - It's SOOO hard to get Haylie to laugh.. SO hard. I've never met a kid this young that thinks something is only funny the first time. I'm used to hearing "Do it again! Do it again!" from just about every little kid, but not Haylie. You try everything you can think of to get her to laugh and 9 times out of 10 - NOTHING works... she just stares at you like you're a big ol' weirdo (cuz you really do look like one at that point I'm sure). When you FINALLY do something she thinks is legitimately funny, it's only funny to her the first or second time and then she's like "yeah, yeah - you did that already." But boy is her laugh hysterical. It make all those boy-I-really-look-like-a-big-freak-right-now-cuz-Im-trying-really-really-hard-to-get-my-kid-to-laugh moments all worth it! :)
Haylie could chill in her swing for hours. She just looks around with this pleased little half smile and just swings away. So cute!
Haylie LOVES sucking on her towel during bath time. I probably would have stopped wrapping her in a towel during her baths a while ago if she didn't get such a kick out of sucking the water out of it.
Haylie is the most awesome sleeper ever. I put her to bed between 8 and 9 and she'll sleep till between 6 and 7:30 in the morning! I keep telling people that Heavenly Father must not think I can handle very much because he sure sent me an easy, easy baby. :) I just love my sweet little girl! 

Friday, February 4, 2011


A friend of mine posted this on her blog and I thought it was 'awesome' enough to share. Check it out...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays? They sure were...

We went to the Lion House for a family dinner on Christmas Eve Eve and boy was it a change from just last years christmas what with 3 new babies in the mix. I don't think that dinner out would have even been a possibility if we hadn't had our own banquet room (thanks Mom and Dad)! Haylie was pretty mad most the time but we did manage to get one or two pics without her wailing - the poor dear...

At the end of dinner: If you look at all the kids you can tell that at this point they are just about maxed out... and thus - so were we. :)

Temple Square lights: After dinner we bundled Haylie up in her cute polar bear outfit (that Randy and Aubrey got for her - thanks!) and ventured out around the pond and back. HAYLIE LOVED IT! She was completely enthralled and had we known she would love it so much we probably would have snuck her out to see them mid-dinner to settle her down.

Day after Christmas: We spent Christmas Eve at Mike's parents house and all I can say is Haylie is one spoiled, loved little lady! It was perfect timing on all her new toys too because she is just starting to really interact and notice more sights and sounds. Her favorite toy so far? Definitely the cute lion pictured just to the left of the pink pants. She gets SO excited every time we get it out and makes all kinds of noise when we rattle it for her. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!
Another favorite: I was surprised yesterday when I got the books out that Haylie got for christmas to read because she paid complete attention to each one the ENTIRE TIME - not looking away for even a second! She especially loved the book Keisha and Tyson got her (pictured in the next photo in the top left corner) as it has some moving parts and fun colors. Thanks Jenny & Jake, grandma & grandpa, Aubrey & Randy, and Keisha & Tyson for all the great books! :)

Hope you all had as merry a Christmas as we did! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome Haylie Faith Vanikiotis!!

On October 12th of 2010 at 12:51pm, after a near 36 hour long labor, Haylie Faith Vanikiotis was born weighing 7lbs 5.4oz and measuring 19 inches long. More pics coming soon at